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Revolutionizing Our Videography

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   I recently learned a thing or two from a former drug dealer.


One of the things I learned is that if you have an outstanding product, you don’t need many advanced marketing strategies or advertising campaigns. People will sell themselves to you in order to get your product.


It is not enough to have a mediocre product and expect people to be calling you asking to have it. It isn’t enough to simply give the least you can to people and have them be just barely satisfied with the results. I’m not selling drugs, of course, but the principle is the same!


   So, I have set out to create the greatest wedding videography product around.


This might include making Everything Visual a more efficiently run company. This will likely mean that we innovate and create new things and add items into our videography packages. New website design? Yep. Whatever this looks like, I’m dedicated to making Everything Visual a great vendor. I’m putting our clients first and holding their complete satisfaction on a pedestal.


Here’s to improvement!